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pho·ri·a (fôr-)

n. The relative directions of the eyes during binocular fixation on a given object

test 0 - basic cube on grid

test 0t - textured cube

test 0uv - UV coordinates texturing

test 0k - WASD and arrow keys move around scene

test 0r - incremental rotation - mouse control

test 0q - World and Local axis rotation using quaternions

test 0p - object selection 'picking'

test 1 - animated point lights around a cube

test 1d - live debug information in a scene

test 1t - transparent polygons, plain and textured

test 2 - example WaveFront .obj file importer

test 3 - sphere with point lighting

test 3s - software rendered triangles

test 3p - lightsourced point sphere

test 3m - material test with specular highlights

test 4g - particle emitter with gravity

test 4p - particles as point lights

test 4t - sprite particles flame effect

test 5 - dynamic texturing - paint gun

test 6 - data visualisation - graph

test 7 - scene triggers - a sequence of actions

test 8 - scene triggers, particle field, spaceships

test 9 - fireworks demo - scene triggers, particles

What's all this then? - phoria.js is a JavaScript library for simple 3D graphics on a canvas 2D renderer. It does not use WebGL - so works on any device that can display HTML5 Canvas - so all modern browsers and including iOS and Android phones! It uses the excellent vector and matrix maths library gl-matrix.js.

Can I play with it? - Yes you can: view the code on GitHub or download the latest release including all the demos.

Is there any documentation? - Not much. It's still in development and there is no documentation but the well commented code and simple example pages.

This is cool, is there more? - There's a bunch more fun HTML5 canvas demos and games to play on my site.

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